I’m looking to make my boundary/border a solid architectural proposal, as suggested in the last tutorial. I’ve gone through Hannah Arendt, Richard Sennett, Jonathan Till, which left me at the conceptual stage of the divide between private and public. I’ll finish up some sketches as extra material to relate these concepts to my idea of the artefact boundary. I have two leads towards relating the concept of the boundary in a more evidential way to the city. One is the notion of POPOS – Privately Owned Public Open Space. Self-explanatory, but it is a concept developed from dense cities making legislation that private land owners must provide much needed public space in the most critical locations. This doesn’t exactly work out this way and some of these spaces remain relatively empty – think of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. I’ve found some sets of data for London, San Francisco and Toronto and am looking into a way of developing them into a modern Nolli map (with my boundaries). There are only 68 such spaces in San Francisco however so I’m looking into a way of more accurately expanding the concept beyond ‘official defined’ POPOS. The other thing I came across is the work of Jan Gehl. I tried to call them today to ask for some data, but could not get through. They have a live webcast tonight, so perhaps tomorrow I will be more informed to call again. I think they must have interesting data and mappings of people coming into contact with ‘corporate’ and ‘private’ boundaries.

That’s the new work, I’ve done a ‘proper’ project outline too and some other stuff. Going to prepare sheets for the tutorial and post these here hopefully a bit later….

Click here for London data set







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