Plate 2- Corridors WIP

How we project ourselves into an interior is the same as how we project ourselves into the city. In this way the urban and personal spaces are interchangeable.  In this case the interior  corridor and starts to blur into the urban corridor, seen through a window. Another door opens up to reveal the fields (where we entered the city from).

any comments?

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2 Responses to Plate 2- Corridors WIP

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    sorry i didn’t see your earlier post until just now. you definitely chose the right view! Are you going to fill in the corridors on the left and right as well?

  2. Ananth Ramaswamy says:

    Glad you say that! Yes i think i am going to fill them, although, i feel like it may distract the viewer from looking at the centre –maybe ill fade it out a bit..