Planning ahead

I was processing feedback from the jury, here are the few points I will focus on  for the coming weeks :

– “Do the thing” : making a large plaster block, 40cmx40cm that will be a 1:500 of a 200m x 200m site in Iceland likely – this will be documented accordingly through all four phases : scan, extract, move, add. I will “mesure the hell out of it” to quote Nacho.

– Looking at few ways to improve my booklet researches, I notably checked the ICE Frederico was mentioning  – also to finish certain parts (pouring materials) and reorganising others (scan, extract); making the point more clear overall.

– Working on the narrative in parallel and working on imagery accordingly – I am considering a scenario in which a mysterious stone is the trigger. The stone was found in Peru although it seems to be from a Carrara marble quarry. Yet the stone has been engineered in a very advanced way and was sent to the British Museum for deeper investigation. From this point on, researches will be done in Carrara and we will start to understand an existing network of places that has been active but yet no one paid attention to it (in a rather Kafkaesque way).
The next part of the story needs to be more precisely thought but it will be about discovering these places and seeing what they depict, how they relate to current flux, events, anything etc.

Finally, a rather atmospheric reference I found recently, in a similar spirit that Virilio’s Bunkers – Marc Wilson “The Last Stand”

Marc Wilson, The Last Stand

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2 Responses to Planning ahead

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    I thought it was your image! Great reference. Now up the photoshop game!

    • Maxime Monin says:

      Will do, but most likely for Friday ! These days I was focusing on making the big model for TS (plaster take some time to dry and be CNCed …).

      There will be two plaster blocks in the end (for one model still, two times deeper) – but it is going to be much cooler ! I had a good chat with Manolis last time.