I’ve been absent for a while and I’m back online now! There is a lot to do until the upcoming previews so the work plan is following: finish the Concrete book; progress with the factory model; cast concrete blocks in different scales; write as much about the project and the idea as long as it does not prevent from doing other stuff.

Concrete book

I have worked on more images but the plan is to have as much as the first book had. Already found most of the photos to work with so its a matter of photoshop speed now!

Factory model

Have researched and looked at enormous amount of concrete plants around the globe, from the mobile ones to the largest one (Antoine’s). There are few things I have to consider when creating my factory but the most important one is the location, the factory must be located within a radius of 20-30 km from the work site when taking into account concrete’s setting time. Therefore the idea is that the factory will sit on  the Thames and will be mobile. Still so many ideas that aren’t here yet but they will come eventually. For now, I am modelling the concrete plant..


I will make soon the moulds and cast concrete blocks of different scales to show the idea of transformation, from small to large. This is kind of an extra thing and I will to leave it as last.


I keep looking at my notes and comments from tutes and that all is helping me formulate and push forward the thesis of the project.

I realise there isn’t much time left but I do not regret at all attending both Bjarke’s and Ricardo’s lectures, it was super interesting! Looking forward to see Rem on Monday.

Hope everyone is doing well!


P.S. I’ll be updating the blog with images and screenshots on the go.

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