Plan of the weekend

Today is a very good day. The Qaa document is over. Let’s celebrate!

Now I am drawing the storyboard, in the meanwhile let me write it down few things from now to previews:

1. 5th of March-Pinball guys which will involve:

-Finish playfield

-Add new mechanism pages

-Print on double side sticky transparent paper on top of slingshots/background etc

-Photograph playfield


For the document itself:

1. Finish plan + colours

2. Peepholes and views in the machine

3.Picture of the plan with collection of model on top

4.Bridges to model in powder possibly. You better do this, Sabri

5-Integrate the last Ts pages of illusion and structure with some cool drawings. Thank you again, Sabri.

6.Revise the grammar and the English in the document + layout + titles Thank you EMMA!

7. Cut holes in the beautiful yellow paper (Obviously a priority here)

For the previews:

1.View of the bridges + cities + different connections of hand-scape

2.Make the upper part of the machine for the video

3. Find a camera to attach to the ball

4. Figure it out some wormholes

and moreover, if I am late on schedule or lost or Idunnowhattt just photoshop the hell out of it.

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