Plan of action


Unfortunately I focused more on financial aid during the break ( aka job) but no more this term!

So far I’ve remade my Mies model ready to get smashed….hopefully recorded this time hehe. photo (9)

I’ve also progressed with the resin soup cast. – Its been sanded on the inside and levelled. Soup poured in and lid glued on.

It needs to dry for a day and then I need to cut it to make it a perfect cube (unfortunately cannot do that until Monday when workshop opens) – and then I need to sand all the sides nicely. This kinda’ ruined my plans as I was hoping to finish it tomorrow.

So moving forward with my Nemesis and thesis re-arrangement. – Will post some thoughts  about the project and some reading I’ve been doing during the break.


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2 Responses to Plan of action

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    Post the smashing video!!

    • Oliver Pershav says:

      Can I have a voiceover saying: “that was rather smashing” at the end of that film?