Plan Composition

This is the new diagrammatic composition of the plan. (Actual plan to come later).

I have been re-working on the plan composition. It is now based on the actual site in Oberhausen, Germany. Therefore rather than inventing a new landscape it is a matter of defining a specific use of the land, in such a way that it suits the purpose of Angus Vander.

Angus Vander has developed a plan expressing his understanding of 4 major issues: the story (trip), the land (smithson), the object (becher) and the History (links).

If these four elements are shaping the limits of Angus’s understanding of the past he now needs to organise, manipulate, clean and edit the different elements. That is his way of dealing with the Factory, that is his Quarry of the Mind.

In addition to the plan Vander wrote a letter… (coming soon).

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