Some quotes I have compiled from various thing I have read about Life.

” The formal underpinnings of Perec’s novel took shape as an elaborate puzzle he had to complete, and this sense of gamesmanship and ludic pleasure passes into the hands of a reader  who tried to decode and reassemble the textual puzzle… Perec’s text recursive in a specific Oulipian sense; it inscribes its own processes of production into its images, themes, and content, and also implicates readers in a potentially endless self-referential game of solving the textual puzzle.”

Perec has said that ” a system of constrains must contain anti constraint built into it giving the system some free play as the phrase goes… one needs a clinamen”

“Materials are fed into the matrix of the text itself constituted by selected materials, and the combinatoric game ensues.From these processes qualitatively new forms arise, without an external seed or origin; the new forms arise, without an external seed or origin; he new form then shapes microscopic sequences and combinations”

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