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Pedro Friedeberg

“Maybe you know Pedro Friedeberg as the man behind the now infamous Hand Chair. But did you know the Mexico City-based Friedeberg, along with Frida Kahlo, were the only two Mexican artists recognized by Andre Breton as part of the Surrealist movement? That makes Friedeberg the last of the Mexican Surrealists.” – Juxtapoz Magazine Dec 2011

Pedro Friedeberg  is a Mexican artist and designer known for his surrealist work filled with lines colors and ancient and religious symbols. His best known piece is the “Hand-Chair” a sculpture/chair designed for people to sit on the palm, using the fingers as back and arm rests. Friedeberg began studying as an architect but did not complete his studies as he began to draw designs against the conventional forms of the 1950s and even completely implausible ones such as houses with artichokeroofs.

Los Hartos

Friedeberg belongs to a group of 20th century surrealist artists, which in Mexico include  Gunther Gerzso, Mathias Goeritz, Alice Rahon, Kati Horna, Leonora Carrington,  Remedios Varo Paul Antragne, who were grouped together under the name of Los Hartos.

Mine blowing drawings! –> “exquis corps” in Architecture!  thats my guy!actually this is the first reference which closer to what I visualise for my project..–> the machine generates these absurd architectural justupositions. (over the break i started 3D modelling the machine which i stopped for couple of days now to start researching for Mexico, I have to catch up )

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Pedro Friedeberg  and David Choe



From his first exhibition, his work has had an easily identifiable style, although it is not easily classifiable. He often uses architectural drawing as his medium to create unusual compositions including designs for useless objects, often as a result of boredom.He has studied and incorporated elements of various artistic and design trends from his lifetimes from Art Nouveau to Op Art.  Much of his work has an industrial quality, stemming from his training as an architect.However, there is a dream like quality as well, painting impossible palaces and other structures, with innumerable halls and rooms, secret passages and stairs which are often absurd.

Irony and surfeit are generally expressed through the almost hallucinogenic repetition of elements and formal disorder, but it is the result of conscious thought. He classifies his work as eclectic and hybrid. His art is not political, it is art for art’s sake and he states it is elitist. He does not believe in making art “for the people” because most people do not care about it. His art almost always have a sarcastic and cynical touch.He says his only intention in his art is to make fun of himself and everyone else.


Patrick Charpenel (Director of Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City.) the museum is next to Soumaya Museum and designed by David Chipperfiels.



Carlos fuentos

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