paper architecture

I am currently trying out some architecture pop up tests:

IMG_0437 IMG_0434


Here are some great examples:

CIMG7850_2 yoshinobu_miyamoto 1

….more on the black hole:

”Black holes we believe are produced by the collapse of the core of  a massive star something like 30 times the mass of the sun.When it comes at the end of it’s lifetime the massive star burns  its core and comes a point where it can no longer hold itself, it creates a black hole and at the same time a supernova.

The supermassive black hole in our galaxy is nibbling on other cosmic matters, its inactive compared to other black holes, our galaxy has very little gas at its’s centre, so it doesn’t really have much to feed on. Its going on a starvation diet…”

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3 Responses to paper architecture

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Does Lisette go to visit the step wells in India?

    And/or the farming terraces of Pisac in Peru?

    They’ll both fold really well!

  2. Yasmina Abou Jaoude says:

    YESS! definitely the farming terraces in Peru!

  3. Emma Fraser says:

    These are so beautiful!!!