A few things in progress.

Finished lunar house:


Drawing of just foundations (central area to be photoshop render):


This is extremely wip about cultural context. I was thinking that the context of the endless house is the mobius strip because it is what inspired it, and the maison tropicale was inspired by automobile industry of 1930. Would this make sense? And I am thinking spatially what the drawing could be. No gallery space should be involved.


Better foundations for the amphibious business (need to make into dwg):



Part 1: Introduction of Prouve’s insular factory and objectifying context

Part2: Film and breaking the walls of the factory

Part 3: Term 2 work to be contradicted with

Part 4: Identity shifting of the house

(usually I prefer three parts but le’t see tomorrow)



Finishing drawings for the rest of the day/ night.

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2 Responses to Oscillating

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I think that instead of thinking too much about what the maison tropicale what inspired from, and taking into account the automobile, it is your turn to be in the project a bit more. So I would like to see your point of view on how this maison should act. As the industry in 1930s, but as well prouvé I found detached from your persona. I like the long drawings, I think they are so you.

    • Anny Stephanou says:

      sabri! thanks for the comment! that will be one drawing to speak about context not in terms of geography as most cases speak about actual land sites. so what I want is that gradually the house disappears and we not longer speak about it, so for example the one on the moon it is only a void in the center with the imprint of the house. and the foundations that rise with water won’t have the house on. so I am more interested in everything but the house. so I want to design the landscape or context in one iteration.