On to 3D

Decided to continue in 3D. At the moment this is like a sequence where parts rotate. It reminds me a bit of the assembly videos of the demountable houses. I know it’s super basic in terms of modelling, just trying to go on with the idea of a factory operated by one person, eventually could evolve into the time taken from this to that, the number of people etc. I like the idea of it being constructed so we are looking at the making-of and not the outcome. Still the roles of author, operator, inhabitant are almost the same. And if this develops in a film it would still be shown in perspective I think… Opinions super welcome!


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2 Responses to On to 3D

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I will try to make as much as possible of your production. Hope to see a drawing set up like this perhaps http://architectural-review.tumblr.com/post/23098472188/massimiliano-zigoi

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    Thank you sabri always so useful with your comments! I am now looking at playgrounds for reference.