The altar of the xerox

So I re made everything that I lost today. eheheh and that made me realize that i could work much faster and that I love chatting too much in studio perhaps. Distractionssss

Now, I have been downloading the soundtrac for the animation.

It will not be rendered. One because I would not know where to start and I have no time. Secondly, because it is raw. and I like that. It is going to be a rhino model. I am going to walk you through the rhino model then, in a much more spectacular way though.

I am thinking that this song as well fit the drawings. I would like to have this soundtrack with quick images on the drawings, where the people are chatting, talking about models, discussing, revolting. I would like to finish the factory and then start planning this film. Not much time.

or maybe I will just go with this carmina burana remix!!!

the altar of the xerox

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2 Responses to The altar of the xerox

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    I can do a better remix! Just need to find the HD with my sample library!

  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    please do. I always wished for a collaboration!