I visited the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate in North London by Neave Brown. At first I took the standard architectural pictures of the facade and sweeping brick pathway cutting the estate. I couldn’t see the behavioural patterns of the residence that relates to my project. I went to the highest point in the centre of the estate. I noticed just below where I was standing I could see in to the balconies below. A table was set with some empty bottles of booze and a heaping pile of cigarette butts overflowing in an ashtray. I took a snapshot and wondered what their neighbours thought. As I kept walking and talking pictures I realised I had discovered a small world. Each of the residents with the balconies were given an outdoor space to customise and organise to their own preferences. Each with the exact same space, yet the results range from slightly similar to bizarre.  Below is the first attempt at capturing these worlds.

I am very excited for this. I need to go back and frame it correctly so they all read the exact same.

I have been working with a pattern cutter to begin to design the first full garment. The idea is to create the first outfit as the utopian dream. As each outfit progresses, subtle nuances will evolve, culminating in a final expression and celebration of human behaviours.

Link to Fashionable Estates pdf research here

Link to PDF of pictures below here


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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Animated GIF as technique could be great if worked through other aspects of the proj. allows you to really stretch out the conversation you want to have – as well as insert your own proposals within.