Notes of the day / Next steps

Having critically accessed the Point to Rock animation, I had a few thoughts of where to head next:

1. I feel that simply rotating the state change cube limits me from adding layers of transition, especially when talking about the real/non real and city/landscape, which is why I would like to try zooming in and out at different areas of the cube to enter new contexts. When zooming in I was thinking to go as zoomed in as a pixel.

2. The multiplicity that was present in the Boxes and Planes catalog, Fez and the Rock inspiration image (several cubes working together in 3d) is no longer present in the animation. I am wondering whether this is something that should make it’s way back into the animation. Perhaps this could be a tool for revealing new spaces.

3. The animation is currently devoid of any human scale or presence, as well as meta fiction narrative. I think that by reintroducing it through a quick storyboard (similar to the one I did at some stage for the recon) will bring intention to the whole state change shift of view animation.

4. If I am against Tabula Rasa (Mies’s IIT campus precedent in the animation) then how do I represent the opposite. How do I draw/establish a new ground for architectural projects. What is this ground? This is the question that has been bothering me the most.

5. While drawing the rock surface, I was wondering if crests/seams can play apart in the way the state change in the animation is achieved. I feel that the surface needs to be more faceted, but maybe that is something that I could come back to later.

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