Notes from jury


Need to find a new way of drawing, that is not prescriptive, but ambiguous, paradoxical.. How do we make the viewer project into my drawing?

Piranesi used dots between his lines, that acted as a space of projection, allowing us to connect the figures up.. what my equivalent? Work has to do with romance, we need to be in my world, the textures and stuff need to be there physically.

Duck rabbit, destabilizes objective truth, how do my drawings do that? Maybe I need to come up with something that draws me in, something needs to be paradoxical.. frustrating. What are the two pieces that are in play in the work… there has to be a political agenda.. that’s not coming through, quite enough to destabilize the pictorial aspect of the project.

Cartography is a crucial instrument of politics If I am doing a duck rabbit drawing, its very hard, therefore I need to make 1 or 2 that are convincing.

why is the drawing flat? I need to use the flatness of the plane to make other illusions..  Maybe a drawing that I present as a box, and it flattens out. Play radically with how they play with their method of production.. how do they suggest projection, in a multivalent way?

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