Notes after Tutorial

Projection and the City

The inkblot is not formal nor formless, it is a formless form that allows one to project multiple meanings on to it. It adopts the form that is projected on to it.

What gives it the ability to do this? The symmetry. Nature is full of symmetry and when we see something symmetrical we immediately recognise and associate it with a recognisable figure.

Why is it important to project on cities?

We are reaching a point where there is never a clean slate or tabula rasa, there is always a city to build on. Rome being a classic example of a city layered upon itself. How then does the architect envision and project new possibilites for the city? What if the city could be seen as formless, allowing for multiple projections and variations?

How could this be possible?

Going back to the basic forms of the city- making it more formal to make it more formless.Im beginning to think if of the city as pure form.

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