Pin-up (and a lot of sugar)

The Seat of projection:

The cistula is a box lined with mirrors on hinged surfaces that can be manipulated.  The mirror-lined spaces create endless reflections of the ornately painted interiors of the box, forming microcosmic landscapes and rooms within. The box in this case behaves like an internalized world; however it only is activated when light penetrate from the outside to reveal what is inside.

Taking the Rorschach test a step further, the box is now used as a means to manipulate an inkblot. Previously the projector played a passive role of merely reading a form that is prescribed. An inkblot is placed in front of the patient, and asked, “What do you see?” However, now the patient is asked to look at the inkblot, manipulate it, and then asked to project. The architect or projector now has the power to adjust the mirrors in order to control the inkblot.

The box is now in the city scale and within it are not objects but chunks of the city itself. In the distance is a small window within which is the therapist’s office. The patient sits on the seat of projection and looks out of the window into the contained world of the box, controlling the reflections by adjusting the sides of the box and constantly projecting on the ever-changing views of time locked cities.


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