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Proliferation of horizontal planning and verticality in Basel, the boundary horror!

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Areas of least porosity and increased suppression of public space:

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“Borders always have the twofold function of separation and of serving as an interface. Over the last decades, the accelerating processes of globalization, the strengthening of regional integration, and the consolidation of supranational bodies have led to profound changes in the traditional functions of borders. In the same time, there has been a resurgence of cities and city- regions as new forms of economic and political organizations that are the changing relationships between borders and cities in a North American and European context.”

Nice quote from this randomness (#DawnOfVerticalPlanning):

EU: Basel: Three Borders – One Metropolitan Area pdf

Areas of industrial or knowledge production, centres of current public space redaction:


Areas of trans-border development -> future epicentres of Vertical Planning:



Some info on Basel (provided by a business-civic group – a ‘platform for cooperation):

“In addition to Metro Basel, other organisations such as the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel (TEB), Regio Basiliensis and Infobest Palmarain are making an important contribution towards breaking down boundaries and improving the quality of life within the greater Basel region.”

The boundaries are ‘breached’ through a system of business-civic cooperation with a layer of ‘technical and political engagement’ on top. That ‘dangerous’ technical system optimisation that I mentioned in a comment on Felix’s post. The ‘system’ in my proposal can be the boundary-reconfiguring architectural proposal [rather then a business-civic organisation] and the ‘technical and political engagement’ can act through the idea of ‘vertical planning’ – thus working to spread the influence of cooperation rather then be working to technically optimise the system of cooperation.

*just came across this info and came up with this line of thinking, it could be worth something

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