New speards

The book is becoming an object that grows endlessly, in which I construct the scene jumps and the  narrative connections. I am still working on some new scenes where the hole interacts with the image itself.  If it’s not a black hole then what is it?


It actually is one


space odyssey monolith scene


Infinite library


I went on a treasure hunt and for a chat with Ed bottoms in the archives this morning. I am currently trying to collect some AA archived drawings to insert them within the narrative of my book. Before the restauration of the library they found lots of hidden documents. The AA storage area is a black hole,where sometimes instead of  documenting the knowledge its lost.

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4 Responses to New speards

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    I love these drawings – just thought about but this set has a bit of an apocalyptical – destruction/creation – feelings, present in mangas like Akira for the explosion or Gantz for the black round object that teleport and gives instructions. I may be wrong but I feel like there is this idea of ‘silence’ and ‘reset’ in your project overall.

    • Yasmina Abou Jaoude says:

      Thank you Maxime for the reference!
      It’s actually a perfect one, It’s interesting that you’re mentioning the idea of silence and reset,
      I have somehow been moving around these themes , something to really look into in more depth now…

  2. Yasmina Abou Jaoude says:

    Amazing! I’m loving the Akira atmosphere…Yes , please let’s have a BIG chat tomorrow :)