Thesis Conclusion Idea – Recorded Voice Sounds Weird

new presentation structue may 1st

After repeated rehearsals, recoiling at listening to recordings of myself and brainstorming sessions I have made a new version of the presentation.

I’ve also clarified my thesis (which forms the introduction in the pdf linked above):

My project, Forger Faker Fiction Maker, deals with the incipient moment of a new deign, a moment in tension between precedent and the new. The issue of architectural practice in relation to precedent and originality is has always been schismatic in the world of architecture. Reiterations, recycling, recontextualising, reinventing all means of producing the new. With this heavy history of copies, we wish to flee the “re”, discard and deny it, proclaim the death of the precedent and the yearning for the tabula rasa. 

From the practices of golden ratios, proportions, listing buildings, preserving skylines to those of ornament purging, tabula rasa, entropy and parametrics, all grapple with the nagging issue of precedent. Even the latter grapple with precedent by denying it and, paradoxically still, become precedent for miriads of bland copies. 

I have naturally gravitated around these issues during my passing through a unit system based on briefs that can be classified according to their views on precedent and originality. These issues have started to congeal into my thesis in a unit that confronts the figure of the architect head on. We literally start by re-coning the work of an architectural precedent and basing our own ideas on this somewhat randomly selected figure. My recon was Piranesi and his Carceri, an architect who never built yet constructed worlds out of his own re-coning of the ancient precedent.

The word count is slightly over 1400 but I will attempt to reduce it further to about 1200 to make way for a more complex conclusion, which is still a bit thin so far.

I’ve also been working on clearing up some of the more cluttered drawings so hopefully tomorrow they will be understandable more immediately (i.e. without me having to point out tiny hidden details).

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