New interior UPDT



The existing interiors of the city play host to the new sky high armature.


New interior at the beginning of the timeline of the narrative, smog peeping through the windows.




Views of the only panoramic vista left, landscape has become smogscape. The layer of smog has taken on an oceanic quality as it submerges the city below, towers tall enough to break the plane float placeless like boats on water.

Question, what do people think, do you like the versions with or without the big arched wall?


I’m thinking of re-visiting the notion of reclaiming the interior of the city and creating a continuous interior hollowed out as interconnected fragments.

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3 Responses to New interior UPDT

  1. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Pretty!!!! Love the vaulted ceiling!! Are they all going to have the same colouration? I like the somewhat eerie presence of the objects as well, they could start suggesting absent activities or tell the story of new objects geared for a society that has grown up never perceiving exterior. In any case its really beautiful Emma!

    • Emma Fraser says:

      Thanks Nicholas! I haven’t completely decided colour-wise, I was thinking of maybe having them in sequence kind of shifting in hue, not sure I’ll be able to pull that off for Tuesday though, maybe something to think about for future presentations, a sort of linear colour wheel. Yes exactly! The objects or lack of objects respectively I think could be a way of suggesting presence or absence.

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Your images are altogether too tidy, no? I have a few below that show the effects of soot, dust, general grime. If there were any openings at all (cracks, tiny little pores), the grime would find a way in and leave little trails. Either that, or let the interior be ultra pristine, but then the grime and buildup on the EXTERIOR of the windows would want to be apparent in the images.

    Agree with Nicholas – make more of life without the outside. What would it mean to grow up not understanding the concept of exterior? Just like children today don’t have a pre-internet concept of the world, how would one imagine a life lived entirely inside, without ever even conceiving of looking for the door?×420.jpg