New Ideas

At the previews a lot of different doors opened but I still don’t know which direction I should take. I don’t even know if anybody is reading this post so as long as they’re not on paper/screen, I don’t really feel like speaking about them. Brett’s comment, that I should foreground everything based on format, made the project slightly more tangible for a moment. Although  the panel was great and the discussion was rich, the constraint of placing form after format seems what has been limiting the amount and speed of production until now. We’re at the end of term 2 and I’ve felt pretty unable to design anything but an argument so far. I think it’s time for me to do what I feel is right, otherwise this project will never happen. So now, what I feel is right is to encase the White Cube. Why and How? First, I ALSO want a building, space! Second, the gallery is dead. With the loss of meaning, it suffered a loss of function. Hence its only future role can be that of a freeport which stores other art or building formats. Since I am not allowed to design form, I will let Mies do the job. The Convention Hall will encase the White Cube. The idea is sketched below, the rest will follow after AV recording.


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One Response to New Ideas

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    i’m confused. u say you want to design a space and your answer is to use a mies building to wrap another existing building?

    i dont get it.

    having a project on format the challenge is to design what could possibly be a new format…no? a format for all? i don’t know… the mies wrap doesnt sound convincing to me.