New Concept Art

Working on new imagery for some of the scenes that I haven’t yet visually described:


The urban artisans of the future are finely tuned to the fabric of the city. They order and construct the city through precise gesture. Moving like dancers across the city’s construction sites, these architects and engineers pilot the infrastructure of the city.

‘The artisan is tuned to her environment. Every twitch, every motion an act of searching, making, wanting, giving. An act of creation.’06_The Building Site_1_CG 06_The Building Site_2 06_The Building Site_3 06_The Building Site_4


A dramatically thin woman sits hunched in a toilet stall, head bowed. Red light… Deep blue shadows… Her skeleton shifts beneath delicate skin. The red walls bulge disgustingly like swollen flesh.

‘I remember that the worlds that protect and express us, can also imprison. I see bubbles of pain; worlds of self-obsession, cast from our own desires and insecurities.’

07_The Toilet Cubicle_1


A huge expanse of clinically white equipment. Machines move in unison. Lines of contact lenses are polished and packaged. Packets of new electronic lenses move along a conveyor belt.

09_Factory_0_CG copy 09_Factory_1_CG 09_Factory_2_CG 09_Factory_3_CG

More scenes and elaborations on existing images to come.

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