Nathalie du Pasquier bits and pieces of conversation

Fist at all I have to admit that I sent her an email a while ago telling her I loved her and I was excited to be at her lecture and be able to meet and that we could start an amazing project together etc. Then, she answered me that the lecture was going to be the 14th of May and not the 4th of May, so I came to her today, presenting myself and we had a nice and quick chat about this poetic of arranging, this pile of stuff which she like to assemble.

Seems congenial to my project as well so here few notes which I took from the lecture of today..

Rhetoric of object placement
conversation and awkwardness
arranging things, taking care of small aspects of staging a project.
relationships between objects and ideas.
identity of the image with a text. conversation between things.
install drawings in a order which make sense to me (my own thought…have all the drawings in a box)
every assemblage is a portrait and every portrait is a self portrait I AM NOT EVEN JOKING, MIRU CAN CONFIRM THIS!

every construction is a work of thesis.

What I found extremely nice, it was her natural way of presenting her work. Her honesty, her ironic side and perhaps her very simple language to show you what she did. Her different phases, which are dictated by boredom or tiredness and deciding to try something new.

I likes this very much and I hope to reach a calm in my project, where everything is explained simply but it allows you to imagine the project in different ways, depending from who is reading my project.

….and apart from all this flying around, I am onto this plan. promise.

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2 Responses to Nathalie du Pasquier bits and pieces of conversation

  1. Miruna Mazilu says:

    YES! true… when she said that I almost laughed out loud. I took the same notes!! – rhetoric of object placement and relations between objects and place. I think when she talked about making the set up and then painting it is very much your way of working too. it was interesting and she is super fun! very natural and relaxed.

  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    And this is when I thoughT.. that’s what I said since ages!! DUH