My Dictionary

I have been reading about the history of words within architecture. these are the ones I have chosen. I think i need to put them into categories.. Please add more words if you can think of any.

  • form
  • space
  • context
  • site
  • grid
  • narrative
  • rhetoric
  • metaphor
  • order
  • room
  • column
  • threshold
  • program
  • design
  • architecture
  • flexibility
  • adaptable
  • user
  • function
  • transparency
  • type
  • image

I have also changed the drawing I showed on Friday to they tile in all directions. I am now going to make some sketched of the plates for the some of the words I have chosen. will update later.

I am not sure about this one I think I like the old one better. I need to get over this whole building idea. 

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3 Responses to My Dictionary

  1. Ananth Ramaswamy says:

    typology, ambiguity

  2. Merve Anil says:

    plan, section, elevation
    figure, ground

  3. Antoine Vaxelaire says:

    Not a new word but a lot of words can be define between “ity” VS “ism”:
    -functionality VS functionalism
    -modernity VS modernism
    -community VS communism
    -urbanity VS urbanism
    -formality VS formalism

    This is Somol’s argument (yes yes him again, sorry): “Less ity, more ism”

    If interested: