Music for the Metabolists

I have been researching references and finding ways of further understanding the methodologies that mixing engineers (artists) design the music. I thought the comment at my jury about the way I translate my samples into architectural designing tools is the way forward for the project. Just as musicians design the breakbeats, drums, base, melodies (the layers of information or midi), I want to design a temporal architecture using these layers. I have contacted the music engineers office on Charlotte Street that heads the music engineering studio of Goldsmith University to get the possibility of entering the world of sampling. Perhaps getting the opportunity to sit in on a live recording session ( have not yet tackled the ‘live’ version of sampling that Evan was talking about, but I think he is right in saying that there is a disconnect between the ‘sample track’ version of my music and the live jamming of my visual sampler.) By getting the opportunity to learn on methods of live recording I can put more emphasis on these unexpected moments of the sampler.

For now, here is a music group that works using recorded sound for the creation of an album exploring the themes and aesthetics of the 1960’s experimental Japanese futurist architecture group The Metabolists.

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