Multitasking is the way to go (?)

In the spirit of ‘more is more’ I’ve been multitasking between things of which none is yet finished…

1. 2/3 min long animation which is made up of two perspective drawings and a video of myself


I’ve fixed the view and the Prouve collection but need to finish painting it.


Paper – Film and Space flip!


This will be wireframe with hidden lines – arguing about the ‘rootless’.


The door is HUGE!

2. Some paper folding. I’ve actually spent the whole of tuesday and half of wednesday trying to build this axial portal frame from Prouve’s construction drawings so that I could make it into a paper folding drawing – so I’m going to make a sequence of drawings to show the development from Prouve’s constructions to this paper folding. I’ve realized it takes ages (at least for me…) to convert to paper folding laser cut files but I would still like to make the chair, hopefully in the weekend.


This will also be part of the animation – there will be a mixing of scales in the Prouve house kind of like the photo below.


3. 1:1 Door flat layered drawing – from Prouve door elevation, to Prouve house in perspective once the door is ‘opened’. But I also want to draw on the other side of each layer, so that it is a different door to a different space, either unit space or soft room. I think that I cannot talk about 1:1 unless I have a drawing there in the room and with the ‘re-use’ of this door both in the animation and in the jury space I will speak about the nomadic drawing. But at the moment is 99.8% white so I will fill it up with construction details, measurements etc.

shot5 shot6


4. Thesisising


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One Response to Multitasking is the way to go (?)

  1. Djordje Stupar says:

    Seems like you’ve managed to get a lot of things done! Keep it up! Well done!