Moving on [Update: Architectural Selfie machines]

I have been thinking about what s my next move and some suggestions on friday turned out to be good clues. I went back to were i was before TS really kicked in and picked up on what i was trying to do. I found this paragraph from my january presentation that i have been trying to bring back since the previews and it always gets cut out cuz it hasn’t been developed. and There is something about this that i feel the need to explore.

here s the paragraph:

As Marshall McLuhan noted “Men at once become fascinated by any extension of themselves in any material other than themselves.”

McLuhan, in contrast to the popular version of the Narcissus myth, observes that Narcissus did not fall in love with himself – but rather, numb to his image, he could not recognize his reflection as his own. He describes two processes that occur while people gaze upon their image: self-amputation (numbing one self) and self-amplification (extending oneself).

We are experiencing a similar situation with selfies as well as the images we produce of the world around us. As if we became numb to our self-portraits and manufacture various versions of our Self, and our context.

The image is the identity of the subject but it is not the ‘real’ subject. It is after all just a reflection.This image is, according to Lacan the ‘orthopaedic’, which means that the image exists in support of the subject.This is, however, not entirely true because more and more often the image replaces the subject. Which makes the image a prosthetic.This notion brings back the idea of self-amputation and self-amplification that McLuhan mentions in regards to the Narcissus.By generating endless amount of images of the same subject those images become disposable props in an ever-shifting identity of Architecture.

I’m still unsure of what to do. a model, a drawing, a book…i dont know but i feel like i need to bring the mirror back as well as the idea of the props. What are the architectural props?

anywho i m off to work on my text and book and hope something cool emerges.

Update: I am making a series of models that i will call ‘ archi selfie machines’ these address the Self extension aspect of taking selfies or in Architecture’s context the insertion of the architect in his own work. i just made some quick sketches but these will be plaster + mirror machines. Also some will have the mirror with filters applied. But then again i might just paint them gold cuz…pretty :P

i dont know what size i will make them but the idea is that these are meant to be pretty big (i put a little person there for scale reference)

ultimately i want to make images “through” these machines that will be animated like the moving stills.

ok too much info. im gonna model/render them nicely and see where this goes

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