Moving on

I paused working on spreads to make drawings to explain the project for the beginning of the book. I think now that I’ve done this warehouse version I would like to go back to the non-box eventually and figure out how it could work so that one entire world (green room/ airplane etc) could be exploded into 482028 other spaces so that there’s always one common thing between two worlds that is able to shift scale and context (ie green room 4m radius curved door to airplane door)… I would also like for the Prouve house to be completely destroyed so it’s not a single reference point. If last year one question was what’s outside the frame, this year is what’s behind the frame, as in how is it made (inhabited realm). I think I need to define my worlds – for example if we could more between imagination and reality a device would be potentially shadows in a drawing which imply that there is sun in reality but flat coloured drawings would be in the imagined realm.

Below screen shot will be replaced with the multiple perspective plan I will do tonight – need to make something beautiful and complete.


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