Moving on

The project is about a constant oscillation between two scales – the one being constructed and the one being inhabited.


The two worlds gradually merge into one. For their co-existence there needs to be an intermediate threshold which isolates parts of either in an opposing manner.

The ‘masking’ happens on two levels – in terms of a moving image (film) and in terms of the process of constant re-configuration.

Masking Process

Parallel contexts to parallel motion:

We use devices in order to move between the two worlds. This is sometimes the green screen to create the film as an output, and sometimes a mechanism to create a process. Both incorporate the aspect of time.


As we move between the world of construction and the world of inhabitation we also constantly move between flatness and depth.

In terms of the Berlin-Basel experiment, the flat fabric that I use is what creates depth in the film/ image where as the three dimensional stairs become flattened.

Key words: Dichotomy, Inter-action, Masking, Process, Co-ordinate, Equilibrium

For tomorrow I am working towards a model, a drawing, TS contents page, and TS spreads to explain everything visually.

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