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The last few days have been very helpful in clarifying what I want to Create, Resist and Reveal!


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The reality of Dan’s world is ultimately what I am arguing for, the room, the city and the screen. All these elements are starting work with each other much more efficiently in comparison to the previous videos i have worked on. The inevitability of living a standard life in standard homes amongst standard buildings in standard cities is much more evident than it ever has before. The project does not aim to solve this but to simply provide an alternative with the very elements of Dan’s standardised room.

If the 19th century enfilade provided a framework for the viewing and display of culture in the context of a museum or for the display of wealth and power in the context of the palace, what does the 21st century do?

I will begin to ask myself this question more as i feel that it would be crucial to find a good definitely of the contemporary enfilade, whether it is physical or purely digital.

Here are some thoughts regarding each aspect of the project:


The video still requires a lot of work in the coming months. I need to find a way to make these experiences much more effective than they have been. This will be tested by creating a variety of new spaces to journey through and out of. So far, i’ve spent very little time in R2 and the next step would be to create a denser and much more immersive experience of “Delta”. This will hopefully be achieved by moving around the spaces in R2 rather than the strict rule of only moving forward that i’ve applied so far. I think this will definitely make the viewer feel more trapped in this never-ending enfilade.


So far the narrative acts like a documentary/ ad for Delta. I think the narrative can definitely expand on the condition of reclusiveness by moving beyond just the culture of gaming that i’ve focused on so far. The Hikikomori in japan are a good examples of this, where young teenagers and adults voluntarily isolate themselves in their rooms, watching movies, anime, playing games and probably never leaving the house.

The Hikikomori are always gamers, majority of them have found life in the real world to be too difficult and have simply withdrawn into their individual rooms, mulling in self pity. For many of them, the screen and the world of cyberspace have created refuge, allowing many of them to never leave the room.



The hikikomori is an interesting condition that is becoming much less of a niche today as we find many of these instances globally.


The next model i’ll be doing will be much more specific than the latest one that i produced. It was however through this model that i have learnt what would be much more effecting in the next one.

I’ve started to test how series of layers can be built up through the framework of the model. With the 45 degree mirror, the ability to manipulate and re-construct will be expanded on much more where a less rigid framework will replace the grid or matrix that i have been relying so far.

I will begin designing the model soon.

A reference i came across to think about is Liam Gillick’s piece, Hamilton.

It is a mirrored room with a screen in the middle projecting a variety of scenes for 27 minutes. One scene that caught my eye is a rendered video of a room with screen in it playing another video. Im still trying to find the video online but it doesnt seem to be around.


White Book

Im in the process of updating the pages and spreads of the whitebook with new images of spaces from the latest video. I also aim to do a few drawings of the spaces in R1 and R2 to be added into the book.


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