Moving at the speed of -1

01 02


The left hand corner is the updated drawing.

The index are the parts coloured blue and orange and move into the zoomed in selected moment that is developed.

Blue is the operation of the wall. i.e framing
Orange is the condition. i.e internal to external
Black and white is the situation. i.e building

Working on the right hand side of the drawing to update all of the lines and hopefully one part rendered. So I can discuss how to push this drawing further without wasting time on Tuesday

Its taking a lot longer than I expected mostly because I am trying to filter and not add too much unnecessary bits.

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One Response to Moving at the speed of -1

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    This should really be 2 separate drawings. one drawing (the left third) can explain things, while the other two thirds can just BE. You’re trying to create a world and then explain it all in one go. let them work independently of one another.