More TS & Diminished Reality

Looking at ways to mitigate the accommodation-vergence conflict inherent to current head mounted displays (AR & VR) – where the focal distance to the screen doesn’t match the convergence distance of the eyes to a virtual object. 01 02 03


As the current screenplay involves the act of ‘unseeing’ people and objects, here are two videos showing current real-time editing out of people and objects from video footage.

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One Response to More TS & Diminished Reality

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Wish we could have lens decluttering of the unit space.

    How complicated and multiplied can it get? ie, how many simultaneous objects can you erase (not piled in the same place, but more distributed?)

    Also, with this, start to design the flat, and locate all possible areas of digital-sweep (what i’ll for now call the erasure, for lack of knowing the term) , versus areas in the flat that would be too complex, or too blurred to deliver the effect.