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Working on stitching together the very rough outline of the film now. Some more scenes are going in – some will be animated, some not… I have the animated sequences set up for all these scenes below, but won’t have time for them all to be rendered by tomorrow.

For tomorrow the plan is to present the film as a previsualisation/animated draft. I’ll describe each scene with a mix of narrative, character dialogue and explanation as required to fill in the gaps where visuals aren’t yet ready.

07_Construction Site (0-00-00-05)The protestors who march through the city’s newly emerging districts overlay their world view of a pre-human landscape – solidifying an augmented view of Leviathan here. Buyers who move into this area will be greeted by the sight of this prehistoric landscape, interwoven at street level with the buildings; and it will take time for the influence of this group to wear off.

10_UNSC Chamber_Refugee Briefing (0-00-00-00)When Leviathan addresses the UNSC regarding a recent sea-based refugee tragedy the council chamber appears to float in isolation in the middle of an endless ocean.

11_Contact Lens Shipping (0-00-09-23)The shipment of AR lenses is a global economy.

16_The Sandy City_Timelapse (0-00-11-09)As Leviathan starts to forget about a recent obsession with a climate report concerning extreme desertification, the sand dunes that for several days filled the city, begin to blow away. (This is a timelapse – will be animated tomorrow).

06.5_Aerial Patterns 2 (0-00-04-04)Seen from a satellite view, over the course of a day districts of the city shift in colour, form and organisation. While Leviathan, as the aggregate of all culture’s dreams, fears, whims and aspirations, may seem chaotic, there is a definite and observable order in her rhythms. (This is also a timelapse – will be animated tomorrow). Like neurons flowing through a brain, we might think of ourselves as thoughts passing through Leviathan’s mind as we walk the city streets.

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  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    these scenes are next level! major push since Friday. the interior sand scene is particularly gripping.

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