more dumps

I don’t know when I will finish the film – at least not fully in time for the jury, but that’s fine. I do however have an idea of what I want to do later.

I registered a site with the name ““, which will be the platform of my intervention into the office.

On it I want to construct a “digital valise”, “a starter kit for those professionally disillusioned.” There’ll be posters, videos, flyers, memes, etc. which can be downloaded, printed and exhibited by the graduates in the offices. I want to connect it to Facebook, Twitter etc. to get maximum coverage. Maybe a gallery as well to let others upload their interventions, and spread the word.

I don’t know if the Part III thingy is still going on, but I would like to use it as a already-existing network to spread the use (and abuse) of the site.

In a way, I’m coding the opposite to Anouk’s: here content is everything, and the format just happens to be the most convenient.

It’s kind of fun. I coded my first website in 1999, so it’s a bit of a flashback. Oh, how simple HTML was back then …

TS remix (0;00;41;03) copy

TS remix (0;00;45;11) copy

TS remix (0;00;53;08) copy

TS remix (0;00;56;13) copy

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