More coming later!

Dunno how I ended up making 2 options for this one .. – The battle of 2 grounds ( WIP)

man1 man2

Something is bothering me about the image but can’t put my finger on it… no more ” river-moving” as Nats would say… off to finish the next one. BUT INPUT IS MUUUCH APPRECIATED. xx

3rd platform, entering the vague-scape

3rd platform, entering the vague-scape

section too zoomed out to get the textures in the printscreen….

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4 Responses to More coming later!

  1. Maridia Kafetzopoulou says:

    Very nice! i am looking forward for the views!

  2. Manolis Stavrakakis says:

    looks good miru :)

  3. Manolis Stavrakakis says:

    maybe this is fun to watch (and might give some inspiration…) new video clip from coldplay

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      YEEEEES! some of them are genius. This is where I need to go….to challenge the viewer’s assumptions about the reality of the place.