Monuments (Arrival ?)

Working on where to locate my monuments – Trying to convey the “Arrival” spirit. Although I am working on more, and those located in urbanised environment.

These monument are meant to represent out of space moments. They constitute a network of connected entities evolving together – one influenced by the others, all influenced by their context and but not only. They perpetually reorganise themselves notably by using 3D scanning, excavation and 3D print related technologies (my TS).

…more to come.


1. Iceland, around Reykholt
2. Peru, around Nazca
3. Japan, around Naoshima
4. UK, London – Woburn Square

SITE_A2_1 SITE_A2_12 SITE_A2_13 SITE_A2_14

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2 Responses to Monuments (Arrival ?)

  1. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Geoglyphic Maxime! ;)

    Check this series of biblical scenes from space that this art group was commissioned to do: …your images reminded me of them

  2. Maxime Monin says:

    Thanks Nicholas ! similar spirit indeed ! perhaps more Moses than Christ’s crucifixion though…