Models in progress

The project is a serie of installations and models that questions the construction of reality through photography. The objects aim to alter our reality by inserting an other reality in between our eyes and the real. They reconstruct a 1:1 reality and contamine the real. It is the 1:1 versus the 1:1, the real vs the real. Its collapses our references and what we really see to catch the moment where one wonder ‘is it real’ ? or even to trick him/her to believe in an event. The installations are accumulations of fragments – each recomposing an image. an image and just the image – no more, no less. Enough to make you believe with as few fragments as possible. It pursues what I have been researching during the first part of the term, and look further into the importance of details in our mental construction of reality. In fact, each model transform reality into something else and project it again through photography so that the viewer still believe in a possible reality.
Water is water only through its reflective quality – which acetate also has. Earth is brown – paper can be as well. Fire has no scale. Carpet texture is to small to be seen – we only feel it when we walked on it, but you can’t walk on a photography…
It collapses authencity and error. It argues that small errors don’t matter, they are authentic, and that authenticity can be tricked.
+ photos from the model of last tuesday :
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One Response to Models in progress

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    That is a very careful pile of rubbish! I really like the idea or a series like this, but also think it’s quite dangerous – one day you’ll walk in and the cleaners will have chucked all your work out.
    Instead of the carefully controlled layered, colourful and tidy work for the first jury, if the work follows along the same idea, but uses detritus, found objects, etc to construct the images, could become an interesting working method. But would see how you could construct super pristine images from junk as well.