Model prep

As far as models go for next week, in addition to properly recasting the british museum in wax plaster and jelly, I am preparing a model of the studio.

The model has a simple structure – basically a room divided into four parts, functioning almost as a stage set. The set is divided into four equal corners of rooms that communicate one to the other through cracked doors.

Each room has a different floor / wall texture which reflects its inhabitant – the architect, the forger, the faker and the fiction maker.

In the architect’s studio, a long strip axo hangs from the ceiling – it will look a bit like some sort of random first floor front room (or similar).

The forger’s lair is a shabby faux 18th century italian room with a table on which rests a small carceri fake slab. The walls are cluttered with mad-men cuttings, photos, red string etc.

The faker’s room is a padded insane asylum-style room (because of the craziness of floating the museum with balloons). In it will be a mini british museum (about the size of a monopoly hotel). It hovers in midair, suspended above the table, hung from a helium filled balloon.

The fiction maker’s room is entirely made from glossy black marble (well marble texture printed on very glossy paper which will both reflect aerogel and enhance its blue colour). In it, suspended in midair over the table is the aerogel sample (hung from a helium balloon). On the table are bits of aerogel.


The dimensions are as follows: 27 cm height of rooms, 30 cm x 30 cm base.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.38.22 Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 20.38.30 unnamed

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