model on its way_updt


IMG_0272  IMG_0279

the base is assembled and spray painted….drying now while I begin to make the landscapes on top.

is this a place??


12665828_10153736299546005_2083727370_n 12659783_10153736299611005_455612725_n 12660483_10153736299631005_1271044648_n



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2 Responses to model on its way_updt

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Hi – like the model.
    another way to think of the ‘master plan’ – is as a series of separate islands of these inclined planes. In your model above, they all lean on top of each other – but you could also just separate them out – and then similar to Stourhead, orchestrate the path through the sequence so that you never perceive them as separate plinths/stages/gardens. In this model image – I can’t imagine any other configuration than a linear one – would be great though if we could meander a bit more through it. Can they be separate from one another? because if yes, then one could imagine the netherworld as in your image from last week. One could see the alternative landscape/cityscape/world below – whereas in this version above, the entire netherworld is interior and that’s not quite as intriguing as in the image from last week – where the below and above worlds were equally important.

    • Miruna Mazilu says:

      I agree…I don’t want the underneath to be an interior. they shouldn’t feel like they have a base. or that they are sitting on a base. It could be nice to present them separately and then place them in an “masterplan wireframe site” where you can meander through different configurations between them which create different conversations.