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It’s getting dark early these days…

In the past week, I met with the librarian as well as the archivist of the Warburg Institute. Both meetings were incredibly informative and helped me to understand more about historical and future knowledge classification systems and the figure Aby Warburg and his Mnemosyne Atlas (content and format). The librarian told me that his introduction to computers was an Olivetti typewriter which let the user program certain key combinations. Since the typewriter has a direct link to the notion of formats I think that I should use the Olivetti Factory as a space for my theatrical Atlas – After Image, leading through the History of the Future of the Image. I drew the plans and quickly modeled the interior to play around in virtual space and Make2D (rhino3d) to construct my own culture/product factory.

3d model, Olivetti Underwood Factory, Louis Kahn, 1970

3d model, Olivetti Underwood Factory, Louis Kahn, 1970

3d model, Warburg Library Reading Room

3d model, Library and Reading Room, Warburg House, Hamburg, 1925-1926, architect: Gerhard Langmaack

I will continue the day with tracing the outlines of my list of people* and formats, which I want to arrange inside the model combining the factory and library (Mnemosyne Panels). This will help me to think about my thesis (format and identity) and how I should prepare the laser cutting files to physically build the model. I will make a mock up for tomorrow. I am counting the minutes…


People for the Mnemosyne Performance – Feel free to comment!:

Johannes Gutenberg

Jan Van Eyck



Aby Warburg (contemporaries or followers could be: his assistant Gertrud Bing and Fritz Saxl who developed the library, E. Panofsky, E. Gombrich, Albert Einstein, …Philippe-Alain Michaud, Didi-Huberman and many many more)

Stéphane Mallarmé

Louis Kahn

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs


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