Miniature Edit + Coloring Tests

I’ve updated the clipper miniature and started to experiment with different color schemes. To be honest I’m not so happy with the results with colors, because they look too flat and confusing, so I’ve been thinking of leaving the miniature as a line drawing or texture it in black and white.

I’m also working on the views from within the drawing, will post more later.

Any comment/advice on colours would be very appreciated, thanks!

option4 3 2

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4 Responses to Miniature Edit + Coloring Tests

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:



    I prefer the left 2 – especially bottom left, but think you should try a few others anyway. Maybe expand the colour palette. There are loads of websites that pre-select colour themes and palettes so you never have an odd one out. other option is that the colour palette shifts a bit as you in general shift from sky-ish views at top to ground/landscape at the bottom.

    Top left corner of the drawing is a little too pixellated. maybe put cars/busses into the city part of it before it turns to floor tiles?

    Lastly, I wonder if the frame should be a different colour/material/treatment than the rest of the drawing? Check your references and see what they do.

  2. Emma Fraser says:

    These look FAB, the left two are my fave

  3. Fabienne Tjia says:

    cool! I like the crossing of the borders on the outside, maybe that can happen on the ‘inside’ too? crossing over from plane to plane

  4. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    also bottom left part of the drawing is too much a square on its own and unintegrated into rest of drawing. make it link better.