Main interest lies in the process of design in Mexico? To what extent do different fragments pose weight on a project: culture, activity, politics, environment, light, colour. What becomes the outstanding fragments that are multiplied in the city. They can be found at different scales, but they are a key part which defines Mexican design. If Banham reads L.A through the car, or Kisho’s ideas are read through the camera screen, Urbino’s life is through the intarsia of the studio, how should one read Mexico? or what should one read through?

Dip9ium travel to Mexico, exploring the city through its many fragments. Their readings are stitched together through the …. of Mexico City.

Very much looking forward to seeing some of Luis Barragan work. In terms of sampling, it looks very interesting with the mix of forms, colours, use of light. The framing of the views and forms.

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Studio research and questions…


Having read a few of their texts, for example ‘Against Methods.’

Our architectural projects always start with an anarchic series of intuitive explorations.

This is super interesting in terms of what we are discussing in our own work. My question for them would be how do they pick and choose the beginnings of a project? Working with the clients’ interest and your aims for the project, what becomes the fragments that you want to underline or accentuate in Mexico/ in your work.

Frida Escobedo:

Frida’s work has been used multiple times as architectural identity of Mexico. How does one combine all fragments, history, cultures of Mexico? The ‘collective identity’ through mirrors and changing borders and reflections, suggests a way in which Frida finds a way to discuss ‘the continuum’ of Mexico and identity through her work.


I enjoy their philosophy points, one of which is ‘…strive to discover a narrative specific to each project.’ If we are arriving in the middle of project which searches for a continuum between one fragment, sample, form, from another. How do they find a way to build their projects through their own continuum? Do the many narratives of each project fall under one umbrella of their office? Is their ‘a continuum’ which strings their projects together?

Moye & Zeller:

Touching worldwide projects. Their attention to surrounding vs the built architecture seems carefully designed and discussed. Wether through the sharing of space between artists and work space in the Arena Mexico or the natural environment in Helsinki with the art museum. The architecture is designed to create a smooth boundary between two worlds. What becomes the important worlds that are connected? How is ‘landscape’ defined in your work? (is it the surrounding vs the project or the surrounding with the project within)

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