Mass Production & Customisation

6. Buster Keaton receives a one-week build-it-yourself house as a wedding present, and a train demolishes it as soon as he is finished. 



Sears Hamilton Model

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 13.39.43

Maison Citrohan_Le Corbusier


Ikea Catalogue

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Ikea_ Wall Partitions

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 16.38.11

Ikea_ Wall Partitions define new spaces


One Week as the story of the seven day construction process of Sears’s mail order Modern Home, a standard catalogue house.  The movie envisions the idea of mass customisation as a hybrid system. it conceives new building processes using manufacturing/automated production highlighting the ability to differentiate within the mass produced.

One week announces a new architecture in motion, envisioning adaptable, light and compact spaces with dwellers in transit. The One Week housing model as collapsible design is classified according to their uses or capabilities: transporting, adaptation, combination, assembling and disassembling process, folding/unfolding and carrying. House as a complete organsim.

The film’s script is structured according to the Catalog Modern House’s Framework: Mailing, Shipping delivering and rapid building.

Extreme of mass production and customisation can be viewed with multinationals as Ikea. Customised Furniture as something which mobilitates and frees architecture.

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