Map + Images

Here is the map in progress. I tried to do the map in form of a set. Still have to complete it with words. that’s how it is now :


Also some images in progress. I tried to identify the particular element(s) in the image that would allow to transcend and blur the scales. Like the smoke creates by the lamp in Onorato & Krebs video but that seems to come from the chimney. A called it the disruptive figure in the map. Still researching on the different forms it might take. Perhaps I have identify that the deconstruction of the objects in the image is often an interesting disruptive condition. It seems that cracks, holes, splits, rips complexify our understanding of the image. And usually the construction of the image allow to erase and hide the imperfection of the objects. Reversing this process and use the construction of the image as a way of deconstructing the objects allow to create another king of narrative. More to come tomorrow.





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