Making Update

Have the first piece made and rendered with plaster. In process of drying as the plaster is making the card soggy and lose form (and then sanded to make a nice looking cast model.) So waiting to add other objects and materials that come onto it later as they are being printed tomorrow; remote control, headphones beats…etc. Update coming on drawing that goes with it entitled ‘Tools.’

And then onto the next piece.

Plan of action:

Having left to dry under heater it looks to have hardened and once sanded, I think should look pretty object like. So to continue today

– lasercut + 3d print pieces.

– finish details of 1st object ( wood inlay, metal tube, texture)

– make bases for other objects (details for other pieces will be done tomorrow)

– update Storyboard + presentation!

IMG_0101 IMG_0102

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