Making (invisible) things

I have been setting a 3d model in order to insert it in the different image i want to produce. It consist in a massive hole (a few km2) and which dept is 310m which is supposed to be able to contain london’s construction and demolition waste for about 3 to 4 years. I am thinking that this hole should in fact be outside london in the sea as a sort of offshore landfill which would be use as the new london airport… it still needs to be precise.

It is somehow the #1 answer to my initial questions. It raises the question of the use of landfills (waste) as geopolitic instruments, using their physicality (weight, mass, size, volume) regardless of their use in order to be a political and territorial apparatus rather than just being a stupid hole that is filled up (although it actually is).

That is for #1, which hopefully i would have more to show tomorrow.

I deviated a bit from the initial purpose of putting these hole inside the urban fabric…

The #2 answer, the creation of OFFW has also been update, i am curating the website and have discussed with some people about the price of buying printed pink helium balloon. I dont think i will be able to get my hand on a BIG one (3m diameter) before the jury but i might be able to have small ones.

#2 is going even further than #1 because it is questioning the idea itself of destruction in the city of Europe where the urban renewal is the most important and where the construction rate is one of the most important in the world. By introducing both the notion of value and doubts in this process, i want to first talk about the possibility for rubble to become object of trade and so to talk about why and how a rubble become a rubble, and then by the idea of sending entire part of building in the air thanks to helium balloon it introduces the possibility for destruction not to happen but rather to become a displacement.

You can still go check to to see where it goes.

(sorry, very few images)

I have also update part of the book

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 21.55.56

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 21.56.05

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