Magazine Progress

Some more organisational spreads to help me sequence the presentation and work out how I am going to introduce the notion of Le – will probably use the story from the ‘Editorial’ spread and bits from the ‘If Le were a map/body’ bits to setup the concept. Got a new cover too. covereditorialif-le-were-a-bodyif-le-were-a-map

In regard to the special insert I am proposing ‘Letown’ a city that migrates year to year that is a composite of the primary megacities that have the most influence on Le. It would be a scaffold city – thus quickly assembled/dismantled. The scaffolds would match major physical sites in Le’s member cities (proportional to their representation in Le’s algorithm) allowing visitors/pilgrims to experience the core of Le at any given time all within one site. Behind it is a secret economic agenda (not sure whether this is a positive or negative thing yet…). Letown would operate as a colonising machine, increasing Le’s representation in areas of the world with low ratings – the temporary city might act as a city starter – boosting Leness in a region for the duration of its stay before it moves to another site. Now looking from outside the project, Letown is a metaphor for the online city’s method of production. It creates through compiling – building adjacency between disconnected content. If we imagine this city starts to integrate some near future technologies such as augmented reality and real-time video/audio capture of urban environments, then the city would also enable telepresence – e.g. those in Letown’s  replica of Times Square could interact with those in the New York Times Square. Have to elaborate all of this visually obviously – still working on rest of the magazine at the moment!

I’ve also started on some adverts to scatter throughout and help with the world building. More coming.



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3 Responses to Magazine Progress

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    only if it’s the most beautiful scaffolding ever. i say that only to evolve scaffolding from sticks and bolts…….

  2. Fabienne Tjia says:

    I’m a non Le-er(?) and I don’t live in a city, how do I come into contact with it, or are people outside of cities irrelevant? Btw, where do I buy? this magazine..