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Louis Vuitton, Moet & Hennessy Group are proud to announce their first social housing scheme. Through various charitable ventures LVMH have always been committed to the improvement communities and enriching lives in our cities.

In 1927, 17 architects came together to produce a monumental estate, the Weißenhofsiedlung. They created an environment that complimented the ‘working family’. #LVMHESTATE seeks to employ the same ethics and attention to detail with the goal of improving the lives of those less fortunate.

The estate will incorporate influences from other sources which LVMH have worked with or have been inspired by in the past. Artist such as Yayoi Kusama who has been welcomed in to the LVMH family through numerous and successful collaborations, will be a key influence.

The estate will by no means be a traditional one. LVMH wish to inspire and encourage the residents. The estate will need to respond to the needs of both the tenants and LVMH. The site will be the focus of constant ‘real-life’ campaigns, photo-shoots, fashion shows and events. It is important that the lives embedded within the estate become synonymous with the LVMH brands.

With this in mind we are introducing precedents to inspire and evoke the imagination. The work of architect Mark Fisher will serve as an important influence. The ability to insert events and entertainment in to the estate is crucial.

Large murals and wraps with placement of the LVMH brands should enshrine many of the buildings. The work of Diego Rivera will serve as precedent here.

The contents of the homes will be as important as the homes themselves. The work of Ray and Charles Eames aligns with this concept, where the house is the showroom as well as the home. Furniture and other domestic contents will be designed specifically for the #LVMHESTATE. The products will then be on sale in various LVMH stores.

In order to inspire and enrich the lives of the estate it is important to look at behavioural aspects of others who align with the LVMH brands and inject this concept in to the building fabric. Accompanied with the brief is a fun manual that will serve as a base to inspire and encourage.

Ultimately it is important that the #LVMHEstate does not fade in to the background over time. It is important that the Estate is in constant flux attracting the attention of the media while the lives of the residents continue to flourish and become enriched. This is key to uphold the strong ethical practice that has allowed LVMH to endure and become a global leader.

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